Annex One: VR Missions is a futuristic first-person shooter for the Oculus Gear VR platform that combines stealth action gameplay with wave shooter mechanics. This game takes place in the near future, in a time when cyborgs and robots are commonplace. You are a cyborg who just got accepted by The Agency—a clandestine government organization that gathers intelligence on foreign entities abroad—and are now in training. Your training will consist of sneaking your way through levels which are being guarded by miniature robot tanks. You will be issued a suppressed SMG, a radar that tells you where bots are located, and a special cybernetic implant that allows you to slow the passage of time (technically, you’re not really slowing down time, you’re just moving a lot faster, but to you, time appears to move more slowly while your speed remains the same). Below is the official trailer for Annex One: VR Missions.

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Your Gear

Your gear will be very limited. This is training, after all. You have to learn to do without and rely on your skills before you get to play with all the toys The Agency has to offer. As per Agency guidelines, you will be issued the following gear.

SMG Equipped with a Suppressor

This is a standard issue 9mm SMG, complete with a suppressor—perfect for taking out the bots you encounter throughout the training session. Just keep in mind the suppressor wears out pretty quickly (one suppressor will only last for one full magazine, or 30 rounds), and unsuppressed shots are loud. If you fire any unsuppressed shots, the bots will hear it and set off the alarm. You will find suppressors sporadically as you progress through the training levels. If you destroy a bot, they will sometimes drop items or ammo. Sometimes they’ll drop suppressors, too.


As per Agency guidelines, you have been issued a cybernetic implant with radar functionality, which integrates seamlessly into your HUD. If a bot is looking in your direction (regardless of whether or not there is a wall between you and the bot), but the radar only shows bots looking in your direction. This is because of the signal emitted by the bot’s optic sensors. The radar only has the ability to see these signal frequencies, not the bots themselves. Unlike standard frequencies, these do not reflect off of standard surfaces like walls and floors and most common objects—they instead pass through them. This allows you to see if a bot is looking in your direction, even if there are several walls or objects between you and the bot. Basically, if you turn the radar on, and you don’t see anything, it’s safe to move forward. If you see a line heading off in some direction, you know there’s a bot on the other end of the line, and that bot is looking in your direction. You can either wait, or proceed with caution. You have an internal battery that your implants rely on for power. The radar is no exception, so you must learn to ration your battery usage.

Time Manipulation

In addition to your radar cybernetic implant, you have been issued an implant that allows you to move at 2x normal speed. From your perspective, time will appear to slow down, while you move at a slightly slower than normal pace. Your SMG will not fire any more quickly, however. Be advised, it is still a mechanical weapon. Its fire rate will not increase while using this implant. Also—as with the radar—the time manipulation implant uses your internal battery, and it’s a power hog. It consumes battery power considerably faster than the radar, so once again, you must learn to ration its usage as the situation dictates.

Your Training

Throughout this training session, you will encounter various environments, but the overall setting and objective remains the same. Each mission level will consist of three major environmental components:


You will have one Primary Objective, one Secondary Objective, and one Tertiary Objective for each of the training sessions, and they are as follows:

Completion of Training

Unlike previous training exercises you may have completed in your prior service, this exercise is not meant to be fully completed. The training doesn’t end when you reach a specific goal or complete any objective. It is continuous and ongoing, and only ends when you either fail to complete the primary objective in a level, or you choose to end the training session. This is intentional for several reasons:

  1. This training is designed to not only push you to your limits, but to push you beyond your limits. You are not competing against other agents, or against the bots, or against a timer, you are competing against yourself. The purpose of this exercise is for you to refine your skills as an agent—to constantly improve, learn from your mistakes, and manage resources.
  2. All too often, agents become overly confident in their abilities, especially after completing numerous missions in the field. This overconfidence leads to complacency, which ultimately has led to the deaths of several agents over the years. We specifically designed this training exercise without an ending scenario to encourage both new agents and old alike to constantly strive to improve their skillset by periodically revisiting this training exercise in the hopes that it will expose their own bad habits, or areas where they may have become sloppy over time, or simply areas where they could use more improvement than they previously thought.


Your scores will not be shared with anyone else in The Agency. This is purely for your own benefit. Discussing scores with other agents is permitted, but no agent is under obligation to divulge their score if asked by anyone in The Agency or otherwise.